The Begining

Moments after signing the adoption papers.

One of the first pictures of Ginny when she got home.

Dave in his few days that he was at the house. He was so tiny he would only sleep under the blanket.

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Scars help to define experiences and lessons in our lives that will be forever remembered. These scars can describe the important details of one’s life. They are not always physical lacerations to the skin; they can also be marks in our heart or memory that will always remain with us. My scar is the best thing that has ever happened to me, it has made a huge impact on my life, taught me life lessons including: responsibility, how to care and nurture, and how to love. My scar is unique in comparison to others, mine has a name, and her name is Ginny.

Two years ago, in late December, I was awoken by a squeaky bark coming from outside of my bedroom door. Neither of my two forty found dogs sounded similar to this sound, I immediately got out of bed and entered the hallway to find my parents questioning my eldest brother. In his hands was an adorable, seven-pound, Chihuahua. With a puppy in front of me, I was undoubtedly the happiest person in my home. Unlike my family members, a canine of any size, color, or breed is welcome in my arms, at any time. So I walked over and picked up the puppy, Dave, which had followed my brother on a two-mile trek home from downtown the previous night. I fell in love with this dog and thought of him as my own but this moment only lasted one week, until Dave received his forever home.

I was convinced my parents would let Dave stay, but they forced my brother give him to a small family with two kids that were dying for a puppy, they were the perfect match. Losing Dave really pulled at a string in my heart. I arrived home from school Friday afternoon to determine that Dave’s new family had been picked him up. I had a swim meet that night which continued on throughout the weekend but I refused to attend because I was so angry and upset. My mom who is a quick thinker, agreed to take me to search for a puppy of my own the following afternoon. There were tons of dogs, a variety of breeds, outside PetSmart that afternoon. But one, big blue eyed, puppy caught my attention. This is the moment in which had the greatest impact not only on my heart, but my life.

Her name is Ginny, a three-week-old energetic German Shepherd and Lab mix. She is not just a family dog, but also the first dog I ever had to train by myself. She taught me some of the most valuable and important life lessons over these past two years. One of the first lessons she taught me was to trust the people that love me. Growing up, I had always kept to myself and did not like to express to my family members my emotions because I did not feel as if I was close with any of them. As I grew older, I gained two good friends that I would occasionally talk to, but would choose not to because at the time, I viewed their problems as much bigger than mine, and thought of my issues were insignificant. One of these friends, whose mother was struggling with alcoholism, needed my support to be strong. During this time, I was torn, I was too young to be dwelling on the negative aspects of life, but I needed to provide a support system to my friend struggling.

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